Associated services

We offer a full service that covers special requirements analysis, consulting and training.

  • Consulting
    We mde a previous study addressed to provide a suitable solution to satisfy customer needs.
  • Systems installation
    We carry out a full installation of the system both of hardware and software.
  • Technical support
    We Offer a maintenance service adapted to every customer needs, both of informatic platform and physical installation.
  • Available spares parts
    We guarantee our clients available spares parts for a minimum period of 8 years.
  • Call Center Platform
    We have a telephone assistance service to solve any incidences, doubts and possible questions.
  • Turnkey project
    Our clients can contract independient solutions or our full service, “Turnkey” proyects.
  • Training
    TI2000 offers specific training for the office administrators, supervisors and users with. Availability of all necessary technical documentation.