QSystem functions

Office hours configuration

It turns the system on and off according to the office and depending on the selected holidays. It allows for up to three different timetables. It can also continue the numbering from the morning shift during the afternoon.


Transfers of clients from one services and desks to others

Highly flexible in providing assistance to clients, especially when they are transferred from one service to another. It is possible to settle assistance priority for each desk without the need of taking a ticket.


Management of the waiting time

The system informs users that the attention time defined by the company is over. Also it gives priority to clients who have exceeded their waiting time.



This eliminates the down time that occurs between the time clients are called and the time they reach the assistance desk.



This enables the agent to call a client again as many times as desired if he/she does not go to the desk, or reinsert him/her in the virtual queue or desist from calling.




QSystem is a multilingual program and enables real time use of any language desired.


Customization of tickets

It allows to customize the tickets, including logos and any other information, as services, schedules, etc. Also it is possible to define the number of tickets printed, depending on the service needs.


Integration of Card readers

Readers cards and identity cards with bar code can be installed into the tickets dispensers


Workstation Terminals integrated

Digital scales and TPV can integrate in the Tickets Dispensers. So, it makes clerks easier to call clients to be attended.



Multimedia Tickets Dispensers

The dispensers and multilmedia kiosks allow to give usefull information to the clients about the company and their products and services, at the same time they take their ticket.


Digital Signage and multimedia management content

Digital Signage and multimedia management content allow to show an informative and publicity channel, while it gives the queuing information.



Reports and Statistics

Statistic software which shows data about waiting time and attention, number of people who has been attended to, etc. o any other information the company needs.


Previous appointment online or by internet

This module is designed to organize the previous appointments, which works separately or integrated with the queuing management systems


Supervision and analytic of Process

It shows data in real time on the status and the impact of services, both of waiting time and attention, or people who have been attended for each service