QSystem Advantages

For Customers: Service

It increases service quality by creating comfortable and relaxed waiting atmospheres where the customer can remain seated and informed with the assurance of being attended in a timely, personal and professional manner .

For Employees: Funcionality

The System distributes the workload evenly amongst everyone. The agents control their environment by using the system terminal, which allows them customer flow. It gives them the perception of having just one client to attend.

For the Company: Efficiency

Improves company image and performance in the Customer Assistance departments by organizing the customer flow, while incresing the ability to react to non-routine assistance situations. It optimizes the company's human and physical resources.


Competitive Advantages

  • The thermal paper used by QSystem is a standard model on the market, so the client does not have to purchase it exclusively from Ti2000.
  • QSystem is compatible with any Windows Operating System. It is available for operation with both physical and virtual terminals.
  • Capacity to integrate other supplementary systems such as card or bar code readers, OCR scanners, ID or passport scanners, etc.
  • Qsystem uses a flexible, manageable database compatible with Excel, Lotus and Access spreadsheets, etc., allowing for easy import/export with other existing databases on the market.
  • Highly effective tiered authorization and password tree.
  • Installation expansion: The QSytem Lan structure makes it possible to set up any kind of connection (linear and/or radial) without using any kind of “special connector switch”.
  • Breakdowns: in the event of a failure in the ticket dispenser operation, or if the thermal paper has completely run out, Qsystem can continue running as usual, calling clients to workstations and displaying all the information.
  • Assistance Codes: They make it possible to break down and classify activities.
  • Virtual Terminal: An executable program that does not require installation.