QSystem Lite

QSystem Lite is the small Queue Management System Pack, specially designed for  use in Customers Attention Services of small offices and retail stores ( Post offices, Medical offices, Pharmacies, Financial Entities, Travel Agencies, supermarkets, general stores … )In General, Qlite is suitable for any office or shop which wishes to provide a personally attention by providing perfect conditions while costumers wait to be attended.


QSystem Lite Advantages

For the Client

The customer realizes of the service quality by remaining seated and informed, with the assurance of being attended in a timely, personal and professional manner.

For Employees

The office employees have the perception of having  just one client to attend, without pressure, and having the situation control thanks to the workstation terminal.

For the Company

Improves the office corporative image, the performance, fluency and the order in the assistance customer departments.