QSystem Lite

QSystem Lite Functions


Qsystem Lite is a multilingual program and enables Real Time use of any language desired.


Services transfer from one attention services to another

Enables distribute services among the different workstation terminals, according entity needs.   


Limiting the issue of tickets per services

Offers the possibility of setting up a limited number of tickets, depending on  the number of people waiting



This enables the agent to call a client again as many times as desired if he/she does not go to the desk, or reinsert him/her in the virtual queue or desist from calling.


Printing customized test on the tickets

The system allows to print logos, services, dates, etc., and also  special messages like notices or any other information, manually or in a programmed manner.


Issuing variable messages on the alphanumeric displays

Qsystem Lite enables for special messages to be displayed, whenever the supervisor requires so or in a programmed manner.


Technology development for the attention services customer